CREATINE – An effective energy supplement

Human body tends to produce certain vital and essential organic compounds, required for proper functioning and maintenance of the system. One such essential nitrogenous organic acid, produced by liver, called as Creatine.

Composition and Contribution of Creatine

The chemistry behind components of Creatine is not complex- a simple compound made out of 3 amino acids, which together form around 1 percent of the total blood volume in the body, most of which is accumulated in skeletal muscles. Via blood transport system, it is then distributed to other energy demanding body parts including the brain. Creatine is therefore is part of energy supply chain that is either produced by body itself, or can be taken as a medical supplement as well.

3 essential benefits of taking Creatine

Creatine is a compound that is meant to supply energy to the body. By taking regular supplements of it, one can immensely boost energy. This is a clear indication, that majority of the people who take extra dose of it must belong to sports category, who are in constant need of energy while undertaking intense sports activity.

1. Creatine use tremendously improves muscle tone and its strength: Not only, Creatine aids in better athletic performance, it also reduces cell and tissue damage that can result from severe exercise or physical activity. Thus highly recommended for athletes and sports-persons.

2. Creatine helps to improve brain activity: Just like muscles, our brain also drains out after severe mental exercises. To regain alertness, Creatine supplement proves beneficial. It also aids in improving the activity of CNS (Central Nervous System).

3. Creatine protects the brain from any kind of traumatic injury: There are several recent advances that is happening in the field of medicine. One such study claims that frequent use of Creatine improves brain function and protects it from sudden traumatic injuries. Creatine even plays a vital role in recovery process after an injury.

Our body produces Creatine in a very minimal quantity, most of which is utilized for energy production. However, to enhance physical endurance, additional supplement is required, which can be acquired by medical supplements. The benefits are not limited to strength or energy, but there are other benefits as well, for which there is no definite proof. Creatine use helps in water retention and it enables a person to perform extremely well under stress condition also. All these benefits are guaranteed with proper dosage as recommended by an experienced physician, else may lead to severe side effects.

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